Finally, you all, I’m sure, have been waiting for! The recipe for Chapaguri or “Ram Don” from the film Parasite! ⁣
If you’ve been living under a rock: Parasite is the first South Korean and in fact, first non-English film to have won Best film in Oscar history. I shed a tear, I’m not going to lie! If you haven’t seen it, it’s one of those films that actually live up to the hype.⁣
Now, some spoilers ahead!⁣

In one scene, the rich family is requesting for the house maid to cook something called Chapaguri and to throw in some of that Hanwoo beef they have left over. ⁣

Koreans love mixing different things to create something new, for example Rabokki which is a ramen and tteokbokki  mixed. So Chapaguri is this new trendy thing where you mix two flavours of instant noodles. ⁣
What’s pivotal in the film is that they would waste Hanwoo (Korean Waygu) for what’s essentially junk food. It just shows the massive divide between rich and poor!⁣

Anyhow! Chapagetti or chacharoni are just instant jjajangmyeun (black bean noodles, recipe in my feed for the real stuff), it’s then mixed with Neoguri, spicy seafood seasoning, hence “chapaguri”.⁣
True parasite style, I’ve added Aberdeen Angus ribeye to mine.

It’s super easy, here’s the recipe:⁣

1 packet of chapagetti or chacharoni⁣
1 packet of Neoguri⁣
1 steak (optional)⁣

Chop up steak and fry in butter.⁣
Boil the two noodles in water along with both dried veg packets, about 4 mins or until soft with a bite.⁣

Drain but keep about 1 cup of cooking water.⁣
Add noodles back into saucepan along with the all chapagetti seasoning and half of the neoguri seasoning. Add cooking water and cook for about a minute.⁣
Add steak and mix through.⁣
Serve with some kimchi or damuji (pickled yellow radish, traditional with jjajangmyeun).⁣

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