Sundubu jjigae is a soft tofu stew. You can probably tell, it’s a bit spicy this. That’s how I like it! When you see the silken tofu, do you ever wonder what that’s for? As it just falls apart? Well! It’s for things like this. ⁣
This refreshing soup has chunks of soft tofu all through, to be enjoyed over rice.⁣

I made a non-meat version but it’s also often eaten with seafood or with pork in it.⁣

Also made some mini kimbap as Martyn requested some!⁣

Recipe is super basic with only one specialist ingredient.⁣


1 pack of soft/silken tofu⁣
1/2 cup kimchi, chopped⁣
2 TBS of kimchi juice⁣
1 Tbs gochugaru⁣
1 Tbs sesame oil⁣
3 slices of garlic mashes ⁣
500ml anchovy broth or water ⁣
2 tsp fish sauce ⁣
2 stalks of spring onion⁣
1 egg (optional)⁣

Heat a saucepan and add sesame oil, meat if using, kimchi, garlic and gochugaru. Fry for about 5 mins. ⁣

Add broth or water.⁣
Add kimchi juice, and soft tofu in chunks.⁣
Simmer for 10 mins.⁣
Add fish sauce and adjust flavour accordingly. ⁣
When it’s finished, add chopped spring onion and the egg and take off the heat.⁣

Serve over rice

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