Sotteok Sotteok (소떡 소떡) which is a portmanteau of sausage and tteok (rice cake) and repeated in ref of the skewer was apparently an invention by a Korean comedian. She made it on a TV show and next thing you know, it was the trendiest street food. You skewer little hot dogs and rice cakes and fry them. Then you coat them with this addictive, gochujang-ketchup style sauce, sweet and spicy! It’s also known as tteokkgochi, gochi meaning skewer.

The tteok is crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle. This is SO GOOD and so easy to make! Make the latest street food trends right in your own home!


Tteok tubes (Korean Japanese shop sell them)
Mini hot dogs (these are mini Vienna beef sausages from Costco)

Tteokkgochi sauce:

2Tbs gochujang
2Tbs ketchup
2Tbs water
1Tbs finely grated onion
2tsp sugar
1tsp sesame oil
Sesame seeds.

Soak rice cakes in hot water for 10 min.

Add all sauce ingredients together and mix. Heat on a hob until it bubbles. Cook for 5 min then let it cool.

Drain rice cakes and pat dry.
Skewer hot dogs and rice cake and fry in a hot pan until crispy (around 5-10 min)

Cover the skewers in sauce and have some more on the side as you’ll definitely want more!
Sprinkle with some extra sesame seeds.

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