This is a real special occasion dish and what better day to have it than on a Sunday?

The short ribs are braised slowly in a sweet and spicy sauce with some carrots, mushrooms and dangmyuen which are glass noodles used in japchae, usually there’s also Korean radish in there but I got none!⁣
It’s the most savoury and delicious dish to have with rice! The more traditional version isn’t spicy, but more of a sweet and savoury sauce similar to bulgogi but I prefer a bit of spice as it can otherwise get a bit rich and sickly.⁣

Recipe serves 4:⁣

2kg beef short ribs⁣

220 ml of soy sauce⁣
6 tbs gochugaru⁣
2 tbs gochujang ⁣
1/2 cup mirin or sake⁣
50g sugar⁣
2 tbs rice syrup (optional)⁣
2 tsp grated ginger⁣
5 cloves of garlic, chopped⁣
1.5l water⁣

1 onion⁣
Handful of glass noodles (optional)⁣
3 stalks of spring onion⁣
2 chillies⁣
Sesame seeds⁣

Boil the short ribs in plenty of water for 10 mins. Drain and wash short ribs thoroughly. It’s to get the flavour of blood and any small bone fractures out of the ribs.⁣

Place short ribs in a clean pot.⁣

In a bowl mix all sauce ingredients together. Add to short ribs and bring to a boil. Put the lid on and then simmer on the lowest setting for 2h.⁣

After 2h, check and skim off any fat that’s floated to the top. ⁣

Now chop your carrots into big chunks and cut mushrooms in quarters, add to short ribs and put back to a simmer.⁣

Put glass noodles into hot water to soften for about 30 mins.⁣

After another hour, add glass noodles and the onion chopped into large chunks.⁣
Cook until noodles and onions are tender.⁣
Take off the heat, add chopped spring onion and chilli and mix.⁣

Serve sprinkled with sesame seeds, enjoy with rice

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