It should be the easiest thing to make really, but I like my pancakes exactly like how my mum makes them, thin and crispy and boy, it’s been a long journey before I got this right. ⁣

The rules are simple: ⁣
Have really well fermented kimchi, nowt else will do.⁣
50/50 flour to water.⁣
Plenty of oil, super hot and double fry.⁣

FYI, I recommend getting Korean pancake flour as it’s already seasoned with onion, garlic and salt and has potato starch mixed in to get the pancake crispy. If not, season your own flour and add 1 tbs corn flour to every cup. ⁣

I also sometimes replacr 1/4 cup pancake flour with tigym flour (frying flour) for extra crispness but you don’t have to get both to make it work, just make sure to double fry.

Recipe for 4 medium pancakes⁣

1 cup well fermented kimchi, chopped⁣
3 Tbs kimchi juice⁣
two stalks of spring onion chopped⁣
1 cup korean pancake flour ⁣
1 cup cold water ⁣
1 egg⁣

Mix the lot together, the batter should be like your typical pancake batter, runny but thick. Adjust accordingly.⁣

Heat up plenty of oil in a frying pan. Ladle batter and move kimchi to evenly distribute.⁣

Flip and get crispy on both sides. Set aside.⁣
If you want to go the distance, fry the pancake again until super crisp. ⁣

Serve with a dipping sauce, mix together:⁣

2 tbs soy sauce⁣
1 tbs apple vinegar⁣
1 tsp rice syrup or caster sugar⁣
1 tsp sesame oil ⁣
1 tsp sesame seeds

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