One of my top 5 favourite foods is this soup. It’s an incredibly clean, deep flavour soup and I can list the ingredients on one hand.⁣

The oxtail is boiled for at least 5 hours and through the process of cleaning and skimming, you end up with a clear, rich broth that tastes so good and feels good too. It is then enjoyed with a simple seasoning of salt and pepper and spring onions. You add some rice to the soup and eat the lot with some kkakdugi, a radish kimchi that is traditionally served with these types of soups. Proper soul food.⁣

Don’t you just love the cheap cuts that actually contain the most flavour??

Recipe for 3-4 portions⁣

1kg of oxtail⁣
5L of water ⁣
Salt and pepper⁣
Spring onions⁣
Boiled sticky rice ⁣
Kimchi of your choice⁣

Firstly, soak your oxtail in a big bowl of water for 30 mins. It’ll get rid of most of the blood.⁣

Drain and wash each piece and place in a large stock pot. Add water until covered and bring to a boil. Once it starts boiling drain the oxtail once more. Wash each piece and also wash the pot.⁣
Place the oxtail into the clean pot and add 5l of water, it depends on how big your pot is. If you haven’t got a big enough pot, add more water half way through.⁣

Cover and bring to a boil on high heat, then use a ladle and skim off any foam on top.⁣
Reduce the heat to the lowest setting and boil for 2h with the lid on.⁣
After 2h, skim off any fat that’s floating on top with a ladle. Continue to boil for another 2h.⁣
Skim fat one last time, then cook for another hour.⁣

It should be ready and the oxtail meat should easily come off the bone.⁣

Slice spring onion finely and mix salt and pepper in a small bowl. These two things should be served at the table for people to help themselves to season the soup.⁣

Add rice to the soup and enjoy with kimchi

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