It’s been quite gloomy lately, so I wanted to brighten up my food at least! This is a super simple noodle soup recipe often eaten for celebration. You can add beef to this but I kept it meat free as I don’t think it needs it.⁣

The broth is made from anchovy and kelp, your run of the mill Korean stock basically. You then add somen type noodles and top with vegetables. I also added some very ripe Korean pantry kimchi which gave it a lovely sour kick. ⁣
To season this otherwise clean soup, I’ve made my ultimate dipping sauce to pour in.⁣
This is a very cupboard staples recipe that tastes fancier than it is.⁣

Recipe for 2:⁣

1.5l water⁣
1 stalk spring onion⁣
1 garlic clove⁣
1 small piece of kelp⁣
5 dried anchovies, heads removed ⁣
1 tsp soup soy sauce⁣

Somen noodles⁣
1/2 carrot julienned⁣
1 portobello mushroom sliced⁣
1/2 courgette julienned ⁣
2 eggs⁣
Kimchi sliced ⁣
Roasted kim ⁣

For the sauce:⁣
3 tbs soy sauce⁣
1/2 spring onion sliced thinly⁣
1 clove of garlic chopped⁣
1/2 tsp of gochugaru or chilli flakes⁣
1 tsp sesame oil⁣
1 tsp of caster sugar⁣

Boil water with dried anchovies, kelp, an onion, garlic and spring onion for 10 mins. Drain the stock, add soup soy sauce, set aside. You can use anchovy stock powder if you don’t have time, or a veg stock!⁣

Fry the vegetables in a bit of oil until softened.⁣
Make an omelette, roll up and slice thinly.⁣

Boil noodles according to instructions, drain and rinse to stop them from cooking further.⁣
Reheat stock. Ladle into a bowl, add cooked noodles, top with the veg and kimchi. Cut thin slices of kim for decor. Season with the sauce before eating.⁣

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