Ok, if you’re into your food blogs and vlogs, you may see trendy dishes pop up that suddenly everyone makes at home! One such thing is the whipped coffee or also called Dalgona coffee (btw don’t, it’s not worth it lol).⁣
And sometimes they’re more hype than good. One latest craze is the dumpling fried rice and yes, it is exactly what you think it is! You chop up gyoza mandu or whatever dumplings you got and make fried rice with it. Mad eh? But very very delicious! ⁣

Super easy recipe, made some adjustment to taste:⁣

Recipe for 2⁣

6 mandu ⁣
2 stalks of spring onions chopped⁣
2 cloves of garlic minced⁣
1 large portion of cooked rice⁣
1 egg⁣
1 TBS oyster sauce ⁣
1/2 TBS soy sauce ⁣

Cook or thaw around 6 mandu or gyoza. I just put them in a bowl with a TBS of water and put some cling film on top and microwaved them for 2 mins.⁣
Then using scissors, cut them up into small chunks. Set aside.⁣

In a frying pan, fry the scrambles egg until cooked. Set aside.⁣
Add plenty of oil in the pan, add the chopped spring onions and fry until fragrant. Add garlic. Then add the dumplings and fry until crispy. Add the rice, and sauces and fry for 5 minsz constantly mixing. ⁣
Serve with some spring onions on top and an optional fried egg.⁣

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