*clears fridge in Korean* gotta eat up the stuff we have in the fridge and cupboards as we are off to New York tomorrow! Best time to make some budae jjigae which means army base stew. One of these dishes that came about during the war when meat was scarce and Koreans used American products to turn them into food.
Usually this also contains baked beans and bacon or ham. There’s no right list of ingredients as you can use whatever you have but it usually always has kimchi, the seasoning paste and processed meat in it as well as ramen noodles.
I cook it at the table as we have a hot plate cooker for these occasions but you could do it in the kitchen and bring it in. Make it yourself.

Recipe for 4 people:

Half a cup kimchi
1 small can of Spam sliced
Half a block of Tofu sliced
2 Spring onions cut in quarters
3 Hot dogs sliced
Any veg you fancy
Cup of tube shaped Tteokk – Korean rice cakes (optional)
1 block of instant Ramen noodles (add more later if you fancy, just add some more stock as you go along)
Arrange ingredients in a shallow pot.

2 heaped Tbs of gochujang
2 cloves of garlic minced
1 Tbs soy sauce
1 TBS gochugaru
1/2 tbs sugar or syrup

Add paste to the ingredients and add anchovy stock or chicken stock

Bring to boil and add a slice of american cheese.
Eat either with or without rice

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